About Sarah

Art that connects, that belongs to nature, illustration that breathes life.

Hi I’m Sarah. Welcome to my studio. I am a Vancouver based artist that specializes in watercolour, and more specifically bringing creative vision to life. Nature is my inspiration, it’s my fuel. I am deeply inspired by flowers; the movement of their petals, their colour and how they signify the change of seasons. I bring them to life on paper with brush strokes, elegant lines and soft colour palettes. My love of flowers and gardening shapes my art and truly emboldens me to create.

Growing up in Southern Ontario, I was encouraged from an early age to be creative. My mother was an artist who constantly pointed out the light, the shade and the shape of nature surrounding us.I studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. From there I worked in the visual department at Anthropologie in Toronto and Vancouver, where I met my husband. I still reside in Vancouver with my husband, Andrew, my two beautiful children and our golden retriever, Marigold.